The Colour of Money


The Colour of Money

This Project will work with a team of Nottingham volunteers of  Black Caribbean Heritage to investigate the role their ancestors played in creating the wealth which funded the development of what are now some of Britain’s most popular heritage attractions.

This role is often missing from the historical narrative of heritage sites which were originally created or expanded from proceeds of the slave trade. Volunteers will participate in workshops and site visits which will focus on the transatlantic slave trade legacy in Britain with particular reference to the local area. This will also prepare them to participate in the University of Nottingham’s ‘The Global Connections’ project. The “Global Cotton Connections” will explore how raw materials like  cotton created by the slave plantations in places like the Caribbean assisted the growth of material wealth in Britain during the industrial revolution and beyond.

Following on from the journey of discovery about the Transatlantic Slave Trade legacy Volunteers will share these experiences with a wider audience via:
-Social Media
-Website Creation
-Development of a Short Film

-Special Live Broadcast on Community Radio

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