Visit 6: Boughton House


Slave Trade Legacies family visited the Montagu Monuments, a HLF funded project on the Boughton Estate. Here they found the monument to the 2nd Duke of MOntagu and his familywho supported Ignatius Sancho and his son William. Here are some of our comments:

“The monuments are Awesome! I have never seen anything like this and the stories behind each piece are about family, welfare, war, life and death. Thats what life is all about. Incredible.”

“Boughton House Monuments.. they are so beautiful. I am so glad these were preserved for us to see after so many years. The outreach officer was brilliant.”

“4 wonderful marble monuments celebrating the life of the Duke of Montagu and his wife and descendants. Do come and visit its wonderful.”

“I would be delighted to let everyone know about Boughton House … the 4 monuments are so wonderful and I would like to revisit it in the future.”

“Duke of Montagu, in support of Ignatius Sancho. Saving life of our Ancestors, know, see, life from the past today …”

“Its not every day you get to see a world class monument – here at the MOntagu monuments project, we have 4! Captivating!”

“(The monuments) … see and know life in past how it influences today. The monuments are all beautiful but my favourite is in memory of the Duke of Montagu.”

“A beautiful piece of work to be seen and enjoyed by all.”


“This is evidence of the Lottery supporting beautiful heritage. The four monuments in the CHurch were … extraordinary … bring the youth inside the village and visit Boughton House.”

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