Participants Feedback (WEA COURSE)

Participants’ experiences of the course:
“I like the organisation of the course. Well conceived aims/objectives towards the desired outcomes.”
“The course has enhanced personal development and learning.”
“Visits to Hull and Liverpool have enhanced my knowledge.”
“The group has been very interactive with each one feeling confident in expressing their views, their learning and how things could be taken forward.”
“Hearing from others has informed me more about the information that is available.”
“My learning has improved considerably on what the course set out to do.”
“Group learning has been fantastic as we were able to bounce ideas off each other. Learning from each other was a part of my individual development.”
“The knowledge base has increased . It has identified the need for more challenging undertakings. It has been a worthwhile undertaking but I may now be ready to engage in more challenging pursuits.”
“The light has come on and there is much to learn and do about his huge subject matter. Made some good friendships which otherwise would not have happened. The extended family unit has increased!”
“It has been a fascinating and at times difficult look at slavery. I am very interested in history and it has filled a big gap in my knowledge.”
“I feel I have a better understanding of black people in Britain and I can try and break down some of the stereotypes we have.”
“Informative and hope my confidence grows so that I may be able to stand up and speak in front of other people.”
“It’s great to get information from others -getting their views and opinions. Discovering so much on the journey.”
“I’m learning that black people have a root and influence at every level of the western world’s wealth and building of society. My knowledge has improved and I’m inspired to learn more.”
“I have progressed towards the learning outcomes very well. The course is very informative, well structured and organised.”
“I feel confident in my comprehension and execution of the group learning outcomes.”
“The course was an eye opener on many levels, learning and camaraderie was excellent. Actually visiting some of the sites spurred one’s mind to further learning.“

“Greater confidence.”
“Improved confidence in discussing slavery and its outcomes.”
“I have progressed well.”
“I have learned much from individuals on the course.”
“It gave me more confidence knowing that other people are on the same thinking about slavery.”
“Informative course and it has built my confidence.”
“I have really learned a lot.”
“Have greater confidence in speaking about the project and it has made me feel less stressed.”
“Socialising, knowledge, healing.”
“I also joined the course to hear the views of others and their feelings about Britain’s involvement in slavery. ”
“Sharing experiences mitigates my anxiety and frustrations.”
“Fantastic and inspirational.”

“Wider uptake in the broader community.”
“The course is very good. Improvements = more information, i.e. YouTube documentaries.”
“More videos from YouTube to aid with learning.”

Ideas for other WEA courses:
“The subject matter is bigger than we would realistically cover in a few weeks. Perhaps a need to investigate a more detailed course for interested parties.”
“The course members were engaged and showed great interest in the subject. The overwhelming feeling is that this should be taken forward and developed further.”
“More of the same.”
“A course on the major contributions from BME individuals and groups arising.”
“Do a follow up of the course.”
“More of the set constructive courses for Caribbean people.”
“The course was a good introduction. Serious consideration should be given to a more detailed and challenging undertaking.“
“Self determination and trailblazing … Not being afraid of the facts and truth.”
“To start on equivalent courses of Slave Trade Legacies”

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