Participants Feedback (CC Festival)

Connected Communities Festival Event: Feedback comments

  1. Before today had you been to:

Cromford Mills?: Yes: 16; No: 5.

Belper North Mill Museum?: Yes: 12; No: 8; NA: 1.

[NA = no answer]


  1. Which aspect(s) of the day did you like the most?
    • “All of it”
    • “All”
    • “the video because it was inclusive and informative”
    • “Film screening”; “Belper Tour”
    • “Being able to show the film and tell the people about the cotton connection”
    • “Taking part in a sequence [?] of events”
    • “The tour”
    • “Learning about how history links in with each other and meeting new people.”
    • “Visiting the mill and learn about their history; making the connections with the slave trade.”
    • “Cromford Mill discussion and Tour. Return journey to both Cromford Mill and Belper Museum. Seeing the whole grp again, enjoying key [?] discussion as the identified G. C. S. [?] T. Group”
    • “The tours in both venues were much improved and very informative. I enjoyed the tour guide’s info at the Arkwright site and the visit inside a Strutt family house in Belper.”
    • “Going to Willersley Castle Hotel – in spare time. St Mary’s Church.”
    • “Most of them I found interested in”
    • “Engagement with others of like mind … Sharing ideas and concepts”
    • “The walk about around the Grounds”
    • “Seeing the positive improvement our project has given to the future presentations of the mill”
    • “Visiting the Mill & seeing all the machines. Visiting Cromford Mill with the Slave Trade Legacies Family. Thanks [smile icon]”
    • “Visiting the Workers House. Seeing how the Strutts made a return on the property investment.”
    • “It was very informative”
    • “Being taken into Cromford [Belper?] by the guide Bryan and shown his house – very warm and welcoming. Also saw Willersley Castle.”
    • “I liked to go look around the houses and see where they used to work and what machines they use to work with etc. So touring around.”


  1. How would you improve the day?
  • “More time.”
  • “more interaction”
  • “Sessions as a whole group”
  • “Have the film running in a separate room so that it could be played on a loop.”
  • “No ideas to improve”
  • “Clearer times to meet during the day”
  • “A bit more time is needed to complete all the tours.”
  • “Better food. Introduction to others – Ice breakers on the bus.”
  • “Nothing.” [smile icon]
  • “Role play, child friendly”
  • “Greater pre-event data about the expectations and plans for the day … opening up of the dialogue beyond a “narrow area” of contact”
  • “Speak more about what my Black Brothers & Sister did for the Hall.”
  • “Boom Box music”
  • “If some of the cotton machines worked for us to see.”
  • “The whole day was enjoyable, however there is so much to see that we could have spent more time at different places.”
  • “I like to take more people so they can get more insight about the slave legacy program”
  • “It was a bit patchy but understandable. I would like a lecture now setting out the history of slavery and cotton.”
  • “By doing more touring, and it would be amazing if they was someone showing us how to use the machine practically and having a go ourselves.”

NA: 3


  1. What were the main things you gained from the day?
  • “More knowledge about my ancestors”
  • “Learning how the project has influenced the heritage site”
  • “The love showed to each other in the group. Two women from Birmingham joining us.”
  • “How reaffirming it was”
  • “knowledge”
  • “Learning about how money from the slave trade was spent and learning about the cotton connections.”
  • “Insight into the history of the textile industry. A positive perspective on the contribution of slavery to this industry.”
  • “Broaden my education about the cotton mills and cotton connection. The opportunity to listen to other people’s views, experience and knowledge. Networking.”
  • “A deeper knowledge (due to our revision of the subject) and it was clear that the tour guides had a wider understanding of a connected history.”
  • “Cotton”
  • “Learning more about the history of the mill”
  • “Awareness … some good … some bad … others indifferent”
  • “We are very strong together”
  • “More things to study about the legacy of the slave trade”
  • “Learning more regarding cotton also seeing the old buildings”
  • “- Huge place + city + town. – College [?] industry made direct/indirect of the blood, sweat and tears of Afrikan people, English folks”
  • “It was good to meet up with Derby trade legacy family”
  • “Socialising & like minded people.”
  • “Alot of information about Richard Arkwright and the history behind him and what machines he made and alot more information.”

NA: 2


  1. Do you have any further comments on the day?
  • “I think it would be useful to use the video in school youth centre etc to allow more inclusivity [?]”
  • “Feeling uplifted and positive about the progress made by the groups. DVM has listened to us & heard our voice”
  • “Well organised. Thank you for looking after us.”
  • “Could be repeated for new folk to have the experience”
  • “Day organised well. I was able to pace myself and enjoyed what was available to me (free time etc).”
  • “- What next? – More research into the mills ethnic workforce. – More research into Nottingham’s links with cotton. – A publication from the project.”
  • “It would be useful to know where the event fits within the wider scheme of things. More transparency required so that all the stakeholders are on the same page about where things fit and why. The group effectiveness and functionality needs a revisit …. back on the rails!!”
  • “Now we have seen what the English have done! Can we come to some agreement with the Government on compensation for the slaves?”
  • “The homes that the workers lived in looked small from the outside, once inside each room was bigger than I thought. The garden was beautiful.”
  • “The guided talks help to explain so[me?] of the reasons why the Strutts & Arkwrights seen/used Deby [Derby?] to build the revolutionary cotton mill. The place is very beautiful, some how it’s hard to see how any work could be done. How these minds become so creative, the huge amount of funding that made everything work was Royal [?] input. England befenfict [benefitted?] from that time until today.”
  • “I am very happy with the Guide advisor because they have been more positive with the answer, the[y] were more understanding, they seem to know more of what of the question that we asked.”
  • “No, but just to say it was an eventful lovely day, and it was nice to all come together and learn about the history of slaves and seeing how they lived, and what machines they worked on to earn their shillons [shillings?] etc.”
  • “No”

NA: 7


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